Goldies Media Group will provide revolutionary marketing and advertising solutions to businesses from various industries aiming at few key focus areas.


Two major players from the marketing, advertising and video production space are joining forces together to form a strategic partnership within the industry. ExpandX Marketing & Web and WnessTV are the companies operating the newly established Goldies Media Group. 

The media group bets on innovative advertising approach,  data-driven ROI strategies, multi-channel marketing opportunities, custom target audiences and unique content inventory which all together combined  will tremendously enhance the sales and marketing results of its clients.

New set of services mix and advertising opportunities.


Goldies MG covers 360° advertising and marketing solutions for businesses by its unique set of know-how, capacity and vast resources of supplying effective, data-driven ROI and 100% in-house produced content. The Media Group operates from its offices in Sofia, Bulgaria and London in UK. The business arm in Great Britain drives the sales and project management of its international clients portfolio.

The group have already introduced new type of services to the market landscape. Some of the services include creation of a brand new media platform where businesses can benefit from bespoke creation of their own media and communication platform with custom, branded, relevant and unique content delivered in any needed format. That allows the businesses to engage with potential and current clients in a very effective and optimal way.

Another revolutionary service is the so called Smart Advertising where the group offers advertising solutions on selected channels in the digital space, websites, video streaming platforms, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, print and outdoor placement. 

Digital marketing, Video & Content production, media planing, communication and marketing strategies are among the other services which are offered by Goldies Media Group.


Businesses getting noticed. Effectively. 


Clients of Goldies MG are companies like Nestle, Spaces Property Group, Walmark, Sport Depot, Karoll Capital Management, Telelink Services Group, Court Furniture, Exelio, Best Western, Bionat, Hospis Serdika, Plovdiv Municipality and many others. Through its founding companies Goldies Media Group have collectively served and delivered great ROI to clients from various industries in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East.

The media group also works on a number of new projects related to concerts production, magazine production and other exciting endevours that will allow to businesses to get their branding, communication and marketing strategies to the next level because of the long – term, quality engagement with the audiences.

Goldies Media Group holds strategic partnerships.


The media group have built a colorful portfolio of strategic partners which allows swift and optimal solutions for the end customer. Some of the partners are A1, part of Telecom Austria Group, VIVACOM TV, NET1, Bulsatcom, MC Media Consulting, CISION and others.


The founders of Goldies Media Group have vast experience in the field. 


The founders of Goldies MG, Ivan Todorov who is the Owner and CEO of WnessTV and Temelko Dechev, Owner and CEO of ExpandX Marketing & Web, met in early 2019. They found great synergy and professional alignment, which brought them to the idea of creating Goldies Media Group. A hybrid media group covering 360° advertising and marketing solutions for business by its unique set of know-how, capacity and vast resources of supplying effective, data-driven and 100% in-house produced – content production, digital marketing services, advertising services, media planning, marketing strategies, communication strategies and custom video production. 

Ivan started his extensive media and production experience back in 2001 by joining the team of NOVA TV, part of the Swedish Modern Times Group portfolio at the time. He has worked as TV producer for one of the most famous and top-rated TV productions of NOVA, “Hello Bulgaria” and “Na Kafe with Gala”.

In 2004 he is promoted to the role of Chief Executive Producer of NOVA TV managing a production budged of €18 million. He later on undertakes major managerial role in two key projects of the media group related to the establishment, creation and setting up of new TV studios, production processes, management structures and operational systems.

In 2009 he accepts the challenge to move to Ghana, Africa and to create from scratch a brand new TV channel together with Modern Times Group. In 2010 he has already created and established TV and Production studios for the media group which are still working in full capacity. He was also part of the creation and establishment of a DTH operator in Nigeria.

In 2015 Ivan launched his own niche TV channel and the first Wellness television in the world, WNESS TV. A media with 100% own production and content dedicated to better and healthier lifestyle, personal development and family happiness. The channel now covers broadcasting in Bulgaria, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Ukraine.


Temelko has got a wide grasp and solid expertise of the business landscape building great projects from USA through Europe to Asia. He has been Marketing Manager in Fantastic Services Group managing and growing a services portfolio in various insustries in UK, European and Australian markets. He later on worked as Branch Manager for one of the biggest real estate companies in UK, Martin & Co Group. For 2 years the stock portfolio of the London Bridge office he managed increased to circa £35 mln.

Temelko has also worked on projects with clients from a leading Telecommunication Conglomerate operating in the DACH region, major global companies with operation in the Manufacturing, IoT, Banking and the Automotive sectors. He was also involved in Sales, Marketing, Business & Strategic Development projects across LatAm and EMEA markets, been a delegate at the 15th World Business Dialogue, YTLILI USA State Dept. Fellow, TEDx speaker, Featured on Forbes and Bloomberg, Founding & Board member of JCI – Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

Temelko founded his own marketing, sales & web agency ExpandX which so far has delivered great ROI to clients like Vincitore Real Estate, Exelio, Telelink Business Services and Karoll Capital Management and many others in European, American, Asian and Middles Eastern markets.

What the future holds for the industry?


If a user engage with the same ad for more than 3 times, no matter the platform where the ad is served he or she will already be massively annoyed by it  instead of showing interest for further action. This is and will be a serious challenge to all the marketers and advertisers. The audiences are formed of people. And each day those people are getting bombarded with advertising noise. The sad news are that businesses are actually paying for that completely ineffective approached and the desperate need for attention sometimes does not reflect in effectiveness of the marketing strategy but solely in higher budged. Which is not a single solutions to the problem.

Goldies Media Group has one and only focus ahead of its strategic development. To deliver services which create exactly the opposite effect and drive results like multiple sniper shots, instead of machine gun random fire. Get noticed, effectively. With Goldies MG.






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